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Aap Muzloom hain tu Zulim kyn kerte hain – Javed Chaudhry


aap Muzlom hain tu Zulim kyn kerte hain - Javed Chaudhry

Why you do injustice, You are victim

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I finally asked Saliya and Andy a question and they were looking at each other in silence. And I felt in front of Warsaw’s Jewish Museum Two elderly women have been terrific.

Saliya, Miss Maine and Andy’s ages were 74 and 75 years. They and their Ancestors were Jewish. They lived in Russia. At the beginning of the last century they shifted from America to Moscow. Saliya’s parents reside in different States in the U.S. His family members are today scattered in three states in the U.S. However, her friend Andy lives in Florida City Miami. Jewish around the world must at least come once in Poland during their life. Krakow and Warsaw is another great destination for the Jewish community after Jerusalem. They definitely get tour in these two cities because of Jewish history and Jewish past. By 1939, most Jews lived in Poland. Their numbers were 3.5 million in Poland, Hitler occupied Poland in September 1939 and began the genocide of Jews in Poland. Krakow and Warsaw were centers of attention for Hitler. Warsaw city’s population at that time was 1.1 million. Three and a half lakh of them were Jews. After the Germans occupied Poland it was mandated for Jews to make blue sign of David on their homes, shops and stalls. Sign of David is a Special Jewish symbol. It is the star that you see on the flag of Israel or letterhead of Jewish companies. After the Germans order Jews were compelled to impose sign of ‘David’ in Warsaw and their properties in Krakow. They were also ordered to make their mark on their clothes and arms. Thus, all Polish-Jewish were in view of Germans. Hitler then took help of Jews in the Warsaw to build nine feet high, two feet wide and fifteen miles long wall. And made it impassable by putting the pieces of glass on the wall. And then three and a half million Jews of Warsaw, were pushed back against the wall.

They became prisoners in their own city. This was one third of the population of Warsaw. This one third of population quickly died daily. Person to survive requires daily dose of two thousand calories. Germans did food rationing for Jews and they were given only two hundred calories food. A million people out of Three and a half million Jews imprisoned behind the wall died of lack of food. The rest were becoming victims of infectious diseases. Hitler made special camps of Jews in Poland, Austria and Germany. Jews people has been shifted in these camps, there were gas chambers and electric ovens. Two thousand of them were put in gas chambers. They crossed the limits of life in a moment. And later their bodies were burnt in ovens. These people were murdered in the gas chambers Areas and their bodies were burnt the smell of gas and burning was spread around the camp and smoke was visible for miles. People were set special payjama and shirts in those camps. Today, 70 years have been passed for the tragedy but they still hate the color and design of those payjama. They do not like to touch this design. Poland, Austria and Germany still have this concentration camp, Jews have made them museums.

The museum has preserved the Jewish barracks. There are electric ovens, gas chambers and even their cry and sob. If you visit these camps you witness, hundreds of thousands of heart-wrenching pictures here, films and letters. And no matter how strong your heart, it will be difficult for you to handle your heart. And you will go down in Jewish victimhood. 2 million were killed out of 3.5 million Jews in Poland during Hitler’s era. Three lakh Jews were murdered in the city of Warsaw. Only those survived who were able to escape or become refugees in remote areas of Europe or somehow they who were given refuge by Christian or Muslim and they hid themselves in their basement. Survivors to maintain the strings of their life also ate mice, cats and dogs and even the flesh of their dead brothers. They lived four years in basements. They had hidden in gutters and underground sewage pipes. Even in 1944, Hitler’s armies began to retreat. There was an uprising against the Germans in Poland. Russian forces also fueled the rebellion. Russians assured the Polish people to take up arms against the Germans, We will support you and together we would set Poland free from Germans. Polish people rose up against the Germans, the Germans were retreating. But they decided to destroy the city of Warsaw before being retreated. The Germans planted dynamites in the city and cannons outside the city and the city was smashed. 80 percent of Warsaw fell to the ground. 0.2 Million people out of 1.1 million were survived they were also wounded and fugitive. You can see up conditions for the destruction of Poland in films made in the background of World War II. The remaining Jews were killed in the bombings.

It is said about the Jews are in Israel, in France or in the United States, they must somehow have concern with Poland. So they must come to Jerusalem after Poland. Poland fell in the Soviet Union after World War II. Its border touches with East Germany. Berlin is on Two-hour drive from Warsaw, This city was divided into two parts by Berlin Wall. There was East Germany on one side of the wall and West Germany on the other. West Germany was part of Europe, while the Soviet Union occupied East Germany. Russian establishment controlled East Germany from Warsaw. Soviet Union broke up in 1991. Poland became independent in July 22, 1944. In October 3, 1990 the Berlin Wall fell, East Germany joined West Germany again. History’s new era began, Poland became free. Warsaw came out with new force. Until then Surviving Polish Jews lived prosperous in Israel, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and America. They come one by one in Poland and bought Lands, factories and property. There are three thousand Jews in Poland now. But three thousand Jews are stronger than Polish population because they controlled Polish economy, media, politics, stock exchange, transport and tourism. Jewish community center has established in Warsaw and Krakow. There are also large Jewish Museum, Siena Gog and restaurants. They are controlling Poland again.

I arrived in Warsaw on Monday, July 14 and went to Krakow city on July 16, There is oldest and great neighborhood of the Jews in the city of Krakow. Dozens of inn, hotels, motels, their Pubs, discos, Gog Siena and restaurants are in neighborhood. The Museum is also here. I stopped in front of a restaurant, then came the sound of singing in Urdu. I went on restaurants Reception and found out this restaurant is singing in all countries languages where Jewish populations are or were previously unbound. I researched and found there are Jews today in Karachi and Peshawar. The CD was produced by a female Jewish Singer of Karachi in her voice. That time hundreds of Jews of different ages were wandering in the street. They were wearing the uniforms of the Jews. They were kissing, wiping their face after touching and crying on walls of Sinagoga, in the street. Perhaps they were remembering the cruelty done on their ancestors. Saliya of Miami Miss Maine and Andy two days before in Warsaw were going through the same situation. They also were part of the tour in which I was included and we were looking for Warsaw’s history.

Warsaw was an exciting and beautiful city. Its history is actually on the wall. There was a musician in the city of Shophan who shaken roots of ancient traditional music. His dozens of statue still stands in the city. Madame Curie was born in the same town. The Madame Curie which in 1898, gave a new existence to science by discovering the Radium and Polonium. Pope John Paul II belonged to Poland, he was from Krakow. The city still has his house where he was born and the old church and where they were graduated and distributed peace. And there are buildings in Warsaw where for the first time in the world cutting trees was declared as offence. Where Europe’s first constitution was developed and where the world’s first Ministry of Education was founded. And where kings were elected through regular elections. But the main thing was the Jewish Museum and the Sinagoga and Memorial to the Jewish victims. Andy and Saliya were helpless at this point. Their eyes were wet. Young visitors came from Israel were sitting in front of Jews memorial. In front of the Monument young Jewish singer was singing in Hebrew. And Jews of Different ages were sitting on the ground in front of her listening sad song.

There was guitar in hand of Jewish singer. She was sitting on the steps becoming memorial sculpture. Young Jews were singing with her Saliya and Andy were standing near the crowd and they were also singing. When the song ended, I asked Saliya “Why are you so sad.” They both speak in same voice, it recalled the cruelty of the Germans. I then asked the question, in response to which both were silent. I asked them: You remember the atrocities of the Germans, then why you did become Hitler for Palestinian Muslims today. Why are you proving German for Palestinians today? Saliya and Andy looked at each other and silently bowed their heads.