3 thoughts on “Khajgan aur Ameer Taemoor k Lemoon – Javed Chaudhry

  1. Amjad

    The leaders of Pakistani nation are incapable of logical thinking. In summary, they are retards.

  2. Akram Malik

    I’m sorry I do not agree with your comments. We were the Army generals when the then Chief of Army staff arrested the elected Prime Minister and many of his other ministers, they were all behind him. No one, not a single person pleaded with him not to be such an arrogant person.
    We have to swallow this bitter pill, there is no shortcut, as long as article 6 of the Constitution is on the statute book, then it must be applied to him. Unless of course, we have the Constitution amended to allow Army Chief to take over the country whenever it suits him.

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