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  1. Syed

    Dear Javed,

    From a long time i am seeing your program and reading your columns, even that there comes a time when i get forced to think that Talk Shows are just like stage shows with abusive language nothing else and is quit my this habit. But after the raise of this Plot issue i can’t say that you are at fault or not but i am proud to said you a real Pakistani who boldly represent his self to ever one for open trial. May ALLAH bless you always with his all Blessings. Amin


  2. Naeem Malik

    Great,We hope that U r on ur right but i want to ask 1 thing that U r most senior Journalist but U never discuss Jammat e Ahmadiya, Why ? Journalist always working with open mind but U never. Why ? Is that possible U reply me on my e mail directly,If Possible so Plz reply me.I will wait.Bye n Takecare.ALLAH NIGHEBAAN

  3. mansoor ahmad

    You are simple,honest and truthful, therefore your words are fragrant and shining.Heart believes them.

  4. fahad ilyas

    jawed sahab, aoa, asooli taur per to yeah aap ka haq hay aur officialy aur leagally aap per koi claim nahin ker sakta may be yeah aap ko victamise kernay kay liye istimaal kia jaa raha ho ya kerna ho mager asal main hum being “aam loag” aap ko ya aap jaisay sahafiyoan such as ansar abbasi aap say taqwa expect kertay hai, just like ansar abbasi jinhoan nay plot refuse kia tha to main bhi aap say yeah hi request keroan ga kay aap bhi taqwa waali stage per aayain.

  5. javed hussain

    i m the reader of ur articles for 12 years strated when u wrote irshad ahmad haqani sb while being in IUB, i know u desreve the said plot,, u shold move ahead to fight ur legal war against the miscreants and blacksheeps,, u will find us ur companion, good luck

  6. Nasir

    excellent……….v need people like u…. not like rauf klasra sahib.



  8. M. Majid Rafique

    U have cleared ur position on time because this contoversy will defame u also goverment uses this for propaganda against u.
    Me any my colleagues very well know that raoof klasra is a black sheep an he has close contact with PPP goverment through Prime Minister he always write in favor of goverment. He is now on the backfoot in this scandal. yeh admi ab galyon ke qabil rah gaya hae

  9. Rao Bashir Ahmad

    اللہ رحم کرے حق کہنا اور لکھنے کی سزا بڑی آزمائش والی ہے

  10. kaleem musharaf chaudhary

    sir its a world,full of those peoples who r busy in showing red button brown.., and full of those peoples who r throwing mud nd ooze on eachther faces nd enjoying it..nd when they see anyone who is not taking bath in dirty water,it looks them strange and furious,nd thn they do every little effort to make ”stranger” part of the situation..so they r trying now abt you…,,nothing new, its hs been repeated in histry many times…i’m not declaring all journalists like angles,,bt at least we r clear abt you, u r infront ov thousands people in form of books…zero point series,kal tak nd your other typographies, those r not just books or papers, bt actully tht iz your real intro ,how you think,wat u r actualy.ap gaon k rehny waly ho, aur kirdar sazi hmein virsy mein milti hai, aur jb koi gaon mein rehny wala parh likh jata hai tou uska kirdar aur zaida nikhar k samney ata hai,,,ksi ny khoob kaha hai,,, ajib riwayat hai mery buzurgoon ki,,,,pagrion ko saron se aziz rakhty hain,,hmari nabzon mein bhi yahi khon dorta hai,hm bhi usi paid ki shakhein hain so hmary han bhi pagri sar se zaida eham hai,,hm pagri ko aik plot k badly bechny waly nhi… so i hope public ko plot ki legality pe tou koi question nhi hoga bt jhan tk insaf ki baat hai you ll b succeded definatly…our prayers r wid you,,,you hv a lot of refrent power…v r anxiously waiting fr your nxt column…

  11. Abid Rafique

    Our politician must follow your steps and make themselves open to Ihtesab.

  12. inam

    aslam ulikama.sir ap dawatislami par bi kuch likian.plz

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