warna doosari surat mein – Javed Chaudhry

By | September 22, 2011

Javed Chaudhry columns: Nature gives warnings to humans by giving them any kind of loss or natural catastrophes. Now it’s only to human to understand these signs and warning to correct themselves. Otherwise they will lose everything.

26 thoughts on “warna doosari surat mein – Javed Chaudhry

  1. Ayaz phull

    choudary shb,, en hukmranoon ny awam sy woot lainy hien, deamoon sy nahien aur almi bradry ko doobti awam ki tasveerien dekha kr un sy asherbad bhi ly rhy hien aur amdad bhi,jis sy woh apny account bhi bhr rhy hien aur awm ko bhi dy rhy hien. Ap kia chahty hien kh woh un awam ko jin sy woot ly kr woh hukmran bny hien un ki amdad na krien aur jbtk awam dooby gi nahien woh amdad kaisy krien gy.
    App ki yeh bat sach hi kh ALLAH hamien mooqy dy rha hi kh hm apny ap ko sudhar lien warna woh bahut kuch krny pr qadir hy.
    Hum Aik english mohawara prhty thy aur soocty thy kh yeh sirf mohawara hi hy liken ab ppta chla kh woh sirf mohawara nahien aik lesson hy jesy ham muslim logon ny adopt nahien kia liken frngie kr rhy hien.

  2. Javed Iqbal

    Our rulers are at the stage of an ancient nation who saw cloud and said that they will give them rain but that cloud brought them disaster. Our people are also sleeping if they woke up then they can put these ruler to the street and can bring right peoples for right job. Today is need to shack the nation, peoples are most power full if they can recognized there power.

  3. Javed Iqbal

    We are claiming to rulers but we are also not doing our part for this. I am giving you a simple example live example. one weak before on the street where my younger brother live a gun shot was fired, after fire in few second whole two or three street was empty every one run away. If people came to stand there the life of injured can be saved. If they stand accused can be arrested.

  4. Muhammad Gul Niazi

    very well said sir…………..

    khuda nay aj tak us qoam ki halat nahe badli……………

    na o jis ko khud apni halat badalnay ki……………..

    sir firoun aor qom-e-Nooh ko Allah nay salab say taba kia….

    namrood ko machar say………..

    kia pakistan mai aisay halat nahe……………………

    sir lakin hum pir b waisa kartay hai……..Q K lato k boot batoo say nahe mantay…..

    ya qom dar k musalman hai…………

  5. Imtiaz Ahmed Phalia

    Kash pakistan koi insan hota tu me uske galay lug k khoob rota bohat roota
    yeh sub hamari karstanio ki saza hay jo PAKISTAN ko mil rahi hay,
    humko bhi mil rahi hay lekan hm per asar nai ho raha………
    Allah Hum sub ko hadayat aata farmaye aur hum sub apni apni zimadari ka ehsas ker lein……

    PAKISTAN ki awam k masloon ka ek hi hal sirf DANDA sir sirf DANDA……….. hm apnay aaap sudhrnay wali stage se hazaroon mile agay nikal aye hain hm ko sirf koi DANDAY wala Hukmaran (ARMY) asal mard hukmaran (yeh sb N,Q, PPP, ANP,MQM, JUI, etc sb k sb na mard hain)theek ker skta bus……..
    na samjo gay tu mit jao gay ay PAKISTAN wlaoo
    tumari dastan tk na ho gi dastano me……

  6. Salman Sardar

    Salam to all,
    Brothers and sis, we must not criticise anyone, what we are doing matter at the end. Who brought these rulers in power, if we did not, then we must think of what we should do now, Mr Javed is talking about the whole nation, not only the rulers, i strongly believe if there are awakening responsibilities then that is a collective one, So if we want to live and face all kind of natural and non natural calamities, then BE A NATION. PLEASE

    May Allah protect us All

  7. rao

    Javed sb,

    You and many people say Aam admi so raha hay aur kuch nahi karta. zulm sehta hay is liye Allah nay azaab daala hua hay. aray bhai aam aadmi ko to aap nay kabhi moqa dia hi nahi kuch karnay ka. Aam admi kia karay? kia woh gun utha lay aur maar dalay in hukmaraanon ko? phir aap usya terrorist kahain gay. yeh aap ka kaam hay kay aap Zardaari say poochain k us k mohaallat kyoon hain. aap us k khilaaf FIR katwaaien. aap hi to hum sab ko un ki andar ki baatain bataty hain na. to yeh aap ki responsibility hay k un k khilaaf adaalat main jayain. kyoon nahin kartay aap aiasa?

  8. rao

    aap media waalon ko bhi sharam aani chahiye. Aamriyat pasand nahi thi. mar rahay thay na apnay in jamhoori baapon kay liye. tum log layay ho in sab ko. tum barabar shaamil ho in kay crimes main. jaisay Musharraf live sab jawanon say baat karta hay, tum lay k aao Nawaz shareef ko, Zardari ko. is waqt sirf Musharraf poori dunya main pakistan k liye kuch kar raha hay.

  9. waseem abbas

    ch sb hukmran tu hukmran sindh k awam hr sal selab ka shikar hote han lkn phir b wo kala bagh dam k mukhalif han.ye log b tawakal me had se guzr rahe han.allah kre qudrat ki ye warnning awam r hakomat ko samjh me aa jay.

  10. Salman Masood

    ch sb jo qaum khud halakat k moo mn jana pasand krti ho usy koi nai bacha sakta. Itni afat k bd b yeh log allah ki traf ruju na krain to kia kia ja sakta hai… Allah se dua hai k wo is mulk ko abad rakhy aur hmary hukmarano ko sahi faisly krny ki taufeeq dy (Ameen)

  11. Yasmin Shaukat

    You are right but this nation has decided not to understand any right thing . But you pl continue ur work perhaps … perhaps someone can understand . we should not lose our hope .

  12. mumtaz ahmad

    hamary hukmaran nai samajhnen waly in isharon ko. bal k hamary hukmaran tu khud ishra han Allah ki taraf say jisy hamary awam nai samajh rhy.

  13. Mati ullah

    is mulk ko tawakul ki nahe balke ab amli kaam krne ki zarorat hai.. pak mai ager taleem aam ho jaye to her pakistani mai shawor ajaye ga jis se yh hukumran to nahe bachay gy…

  14. malik rizwan

    javed bhai ap ne express chorr diya hai ap ke calm ab nahi ate express news per

  15. Dr Qureshi

    Javed Sahib you must realize that more than halve the nation is illiterate and on top of all this they are playing into the hands of greedy and hungry for power politicians and clergy. The 25% or so who are able to feel and sense the danger have been made hostages by these JAAHILS. What do you expect from this nation. It needs a leader that is both a good mother and father to them.. and have enough vision to lead them out of this vicious circle of ignorance which is driving them into a deep hole in the name of democracy. Iqbal said…. ye raaz mujh ko ik farangi ne bataya
    Har chand ke danaa isae khola nahin kartae
    Jamhuriyat woh tarz e hakumat hae jis maen
    Banndon ko ginaa kartae haen tolaa nahin kartae
    This sums up our Democracy … the fault lies with the JAAHIL AWAM who are the captive voters of the SCUM who call themselves leaders of this country. NONE OF THESE LEADERS EITHER HAVE A CLUE OR THE INCLINATION TO EVEN LOOK AT THE PROBLEMS FACING THIS COUNTRY. Their mind is on self promotion and lutto as much as they can and abscond…. Again and again to our peril the nation is rescued by the Army. Even now it is the Armed Forces who are trained and disciplined enough to come out to help the people ravaged by the floods!!! AAP KA COLUMN BOHAT ACCHA HAE LEKIN KITNE HAKIMON NE ISSAE PARRHA HO GA… And do you think they care???? Hum jin ka dil ye sab dekh ke paash paash hota hae diwaaron se takkaraen maar laen to shayad woh bhe toot jayaen lekin in HUKMRAANON ko bilkul parwah nahee!!!!

  16. Dr Qureshi

    It is true that the counties that will not be able to cope with environmental change will be the ones to perish!!! It certainly seems to be true. I do hope that rather than waiting for ALLAH to come down in person … the authorities have been surveying the flood affected areas and drawn out plans to prevent future flooding… IT IS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK IS IT?? Rather than going out with begging bowls they can got laced with some concrete plans or even ask some friendly countries other than the US for advice.. But for HEAVEN’S SAKE BE HONEST AND LOYAL TO YOUR NATION AND COUNTRY…. For there will be plenty of time and opportunities to become the MEGA RICH PAKISTANI… For now get the 200 BILLION DOLLAR LOOT belonging to Pakistanis in Swiss Banks alone… surely there is plenty more in the banks in other countries… It is time to put something back now into the country which has made you so rich…..

  17. S Bashir

    we have such an dintelligent media and persons like you who keeps us infomed of all waht is happenign around us…. but the graet game is,,, how all thiss info can be best utilized… via power of revolution or push of vote? Revolution we cannot bring and opportunity of vote we loose by simply casting it emotionaly… May Allah help us… You are right,,, things are going to be difficult in future…

  18. S Bashir

    your efforts are nothing less than “Bhains k sarr per been bajanaa””’ My humble observatioon is that in our country the most illetrate and the non-professional comes to the top in a very surprising manner which is nothing differnt from existance of an anti-gravity system. ca you beleive CNN was warning of this rain system 1 month back ,, but we did not do anything….

  19. Imran

    Ye website Javed Ch ki nai hai. Tum saare idiots ho !

    @Javed Ch … Mazaa araha hai democracy ka ??? abhi aur maza aye ga…

  20. Muhammad Qasim Theraj from Multan

    Javaid Bhi

    Ap to acha likhtay ho, hamray mulk main her qism kay idaray majood hain leken un ko timely activate kon karay.

    Allah say umeed hay kay Allah pa is mulk ko vision walay logon ki hakomat day aur hamari awam ko bhi himat day keh hum ko in musibatoon ka muqabala ker sakeen aur further strategy bana sakeen ameen.

  21. Malik Saeed

    In sab baaton mein qasoor awam ka hai jinho ne in jaisay begherat hukmaron ko awanon tak pohnchaya. Yeh awam aik hi sorakh se bar bar dasay janay ki aadi hai. PPP ki pichli do hukumat corruption ki waja se khatam hui theen us ke bawajood awam ne sir BB k shaheen honay ki waja se PPP ko vote dia, yeh jante hue bhi k BB ki dono hukumato me corruption ki waja unke shohar Asif Zardar thay. Hum sab ko pehle khud apne aap ko apni soch ko badalna hoga phir hamain in besharm hukmaron se koi umeed lagani chahiye. Me is baat se agreed hoon k Musharraf ne 2-3 mistakes ki theen otherwise woh itna bura admi nahi tha. No. 1, us ne Chief Justice ko apni EGO me bartarf kia No. 2, Us ne NRO issue kia. Laal Masjid ya Bugti ka qatal itni bari reason nahi thay q k awam ko pata tha k extremism mind set log Pakistan k wafadar nahi hain. Otherwise us ne 9 saal tak is country ko achay tareeqay se chalaya tha. 9/11 me us ne dabao qabool q kia, is se awam ko koi matlab nahi. Awam sirf izzat aur amno aman me apni rozi roti chahti hai bas, aur woh Musharraf k daur me sab ko ba asani mil raha tha.

  22. tariq shahzad

    جناب چوہدری صاحب آپ نے بالکُل ٹھیک لکھا ہے لعنت ہے اِس مُلک کے حُکمرانوں پر اور یہاں کے بسنے والوں پر یہ لوگ کافروں سے بھی بدتر ہیں پتہ نہیں ہم لوگ بروز قیامت اللہ کاسامناکیسے کریں

  23. tariq shahzad

    جناب جاوید چوہدری صاحب میں آپ کے کالم اُس وقت سے پڑھ رہا ہوں جب آپ جنگ اخبار میں زیرو پوائینٹ سے لکھتے تھے
    مگر افسوس کس قوم کیلئے لکھتے ہیں نہ اِس قوم میں عقل ہے اور نہ ہی شعوراِس قوم کیلئے پیغام ہے خدا اُس قوم کی حالت کو نہیں بدلتا نہ جس کو خیال اپنی حالت کے بدلنے کااللہ تعٰالٰی نے کب کا اِس قوم کو اِس کے حال پر چھوڑ دیا ہے آپ بھی اِن کیلئے لکھنا چھوڑ دیں

  24. Imran Ahmed

    جناب ! اس دفع میرا اپنا ذاتی خیال ہے کے کسی بھی ملک نے امداد نہیں دی ہے میں خود قطر میں ہوتا ہوں آخری دفع یہاں سے جب پاکستان میں سیلاب آیا تھا تو بہت امداد ہوئی تھی….. اب تو ہم ہم لوگ بھی ان حکمرانوں کو کوئی پیسہ نہیں بھیجنا چاہتے ہیں الله نے ہمت دی تو خود جا کے مستحق لوگوں کو انکے ہاتوں میں امداد دیں گے اور میری پاکستان کے تمام دوستوں بھایوں اور بہنوں سے گزارش ہے کے وہ بھی ایسا ہی کریں …… الله سبحانہ تالہ ہمارے سندھ کے تمام لوگوں کی اپنی گایبانہ مدد فرماۓ امین سما امین

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